Snow! Ooohh pretty! Wait – ugh.

Today, for the first time, I had to shovel snow off the sidewalk. This completes my winter experience. We (my housemate and myself) thought it would be a pretty difficult job. But it turned out that snow, while looking very white and solid-like, is pretty fluffy and airy even after it’s all piled up into pedestrian-obstructing drifts. So, some shoveling and serious back-stretching later (I’m going to wake up with an back-ache tomorrow, I just know it), we had several feet of semi-clear sidewalk – at least till next week when I’m sure the Boston weather will once again drop a foot of snow on us.

At least our heating should be fixed tomorrow – but, that’s another story!


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My House

Hi guys!

Happy New Year! It’s cold and snowy here in Boston – but at least I get the day off! =) Here’s some photos of my house from a warmer time in the summer.

Snow photos soon, hopefully – I miss Malaysia! But Boston is quite nice as well, living a pretty quiet life here. Mostly just work, friends and … awesome computer games and movies! Haha.

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LEGO Spider

Something me and a friend of mine from Wesleyan made one boring winter night after a game of Settlers.

Should I try to make more LEGO videos? =)

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All going away…

US college applications away on the 29th of December 2004! Finally, thank God.

You know, as much as I moaned about people leaving after Form Five, I realized that it is actually NOW when most of my closest friends are disappearing.. and then , it will be me that disappears in August.. sigh.. I will miss all my A-Level friends especially! Take care guys.. Take care Irwinder who is in UK for a long holiday! =) Enjoy yourself for me, but don’t freeze!

Happy birthday to me… I’m now 20 years old… no longer a teenager. Oh man…officially old. Of course, I have the comfort of others who are slightly older than myself! Yay! Such as Sheila and Sherrene (Blessed 21st Birthday, Sherrene!)

Halfway through my final A-Levels exam season… here goes! Will be done in 8 days! =) All the best for me!



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